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The Bhopal Memory Project is dedicated to documenting the Bhopal gas disaster as well as providing education resources and updates on its political progress.

When the twenty seven tonnes of gas leaked from the Union Carbide Corporation (UCC) plant in Bhopal in 1984, it radically changed the public understanding of the chemical industry. More significant however, is what in the course of the 22 years since it has not changed: none of the trials for personal criminal responsibility have been resolved, the issue of water contamination near the site is still unresolved; the hospitals funded by UCC do not comprehensively address the health concerns of the survivors and their children, and there has still been no admission of responsibility -by anyone. In short, there has been no shift in the balance of power between corporations and those who survive their mistakes.

What does it mean to "remember" something that has not ended? In the Union Carbide Corporation's film entitled "Unraveling the Tragedy," a wistful lawyer at a conference table comments that, had not the government interfered in Carbide's investigation, "the way that people remember Bhopal today might be different." Indeed, and had not Union Carbide spent millions of dollars on public relations, misinformation and evasion, perhaps the lives of the affected people would be different - and perhaps more of them would be alive today to tell about it.

To "remember Bhopal" today means not just collecting and understanding information about the disaster and it's aftermath, but also critiquing it, teaching it, and using it in creative ways. The way that we remember Bhopal should be different. Through this work of memory and advocacy, we, in solidarity with those struggling for health, survival and justice in Bhopal, are working for a future memory of Bhopal that is not part of a continuing tragedy.

The Bhopal Memory Project maintains a large collection of important resources on the disaster and its aftermath. As part of our archival project we continue to collect the most up-to-date testimonials, articles and reports, photographs and visuals, web sites, curriculum or multimedia about Bhopal, student projects on Bhopal, and resources on other related environmental and humanitarian disasters for perusal.

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