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- (2005) Consulate Letter to Pramathesh Rath
Letter to Mr. Rath "We the undersigned, and gathered today outside the consulate, wish to make known to you and to the Government of India, our great concern for the situation in Bhopal, India"
File: GOTB-LetterToNYConsulate.PDF

-  (2004) Fact Finding Mission
Article from the Hindustan Times.
File: Hindustan Times Article Dec 2004.pdf

-  (2003) Corporate Crime Resolution
A resolution that a) supports the demands of the survivors of the Bhopal disaster, the world's worst industrial disaster and heinous corporate crime; b) declares the anniversary of the Bhopal disaster, December 3rd, an annual day of action against corporate crime.
File: GDA.Resolve.doc.pdf

-  (2002) Singh, I.
A call for justice during the 2002 hunger strike, by a friend of the strikers.

- (1994) People's Movements in Bhopal
This article by long-time activist in Bhopal traces the history and changes in movements responding to the Bhopal gas disaster - From Righting Corporate Wrongs, testimony presented to the Permanant People's Tribunal, London, Autumn 1994
File: people's movements - Sarangi.doc.pdf




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