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- (2005) Bowen, Stephen. Full-Spectrum Human Rights: Amnesty International Rethinks
The interdependence of the modern world is leading the human rights organisation Amnesty International towards a fresh conception of its work, explains its UK campaigns director, Stephen Bowen.
File: Full.PDF

- (2005) Texan Environmental Activist Diane Wilson: Why I Refuse to go to Jail
Three years ago Wilson was arrested for committing civil disobediance at a Dow Chemical plant to protest the company's connection to the Bhopal chemical disaster. She’s now refusing to go to prison until former Union Carbide CEO Warren Andersen is jailed for his role in Bhopal. This is an interview of Wilson in which she explains her actions. From democracynow.org
File: Texan Environmental Activist Diane Wilson.doc

- (2004) Jayaraman, Nityanand. Poor Little Rich Corporation
The Ecolologist Asia, Corporate accountability issue.
File: poor little rich.doc.pdf

- (2004) Chemical Industry vs. The Public Interest
A report by Niaz Dorry and Nityanand Jayaraman that aims to redefine the public debate on chemical security.
File: chemical security.pdf

- (2003) The Ugly Side of Development
The callous and ugly side of development has been brought into sharp focus by testimonies of common people from toxic hotspots of various states. From Financial Times.
File: ft-the ugly side of development.doc.pdf

- (2002) Corporate Crimes
A Greenpeace publication that states the need for an international instrument on corporate accountability and liability
File: greepc corporate crimes.pdf

- (2002) Bhopal Principles on Corporate Accountability. Earth Summit 2002, Rio.
Greenpeace takes Bhopal as a case study for designing guiding principles for corporate accountability

- (1999) Cohen, G.



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