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Kim Fortun, Cultural Athropologist and Author of Advocacy After Bhopal

Bridget Hanna, Co-Editor of The Bhopal Reader and Creator of the Bhopal Memory Project

Brian Mooney, Anthropology Professor and Former Lawyer for UCC

Adriane Raff Corwin, Manager of the Bhopal Memory Project

Ward Morehouse, President of the Council on International and Public Affairs

Rajan Sharma, Lawyer for the Bhopal Survivors in the US Legal Cases





Kim Fortun is a cultural anthropologist who specializes in the study of environmental issues, particularly their affect on human health. Her work has examined uneven distributions of environmental health risks and problems among social groups; how scientific information relevant to environmental health is produced and then used in regulatory and legal decision-making; environmental health risk communication; and strategies used by affected populations to understand and improve their health status. Her book, Advocacy After Bhopal, examines the response to the Bhopal disaster in India, in the United States and in the international arena. Fortun’s current research examines the development of information resources to support environmental science and governance. She has focused on the effects of “right-to-know legislation” (passed in the mid 1980s as a response to the Bhopal disaster), which has dramatically increased the quantity and quality of environmental risk information available to the public.

Fortun is an Associate Professor in the Department of Science and Technology Studies at Rensselaer University, and Director of the Center for Ethics in Complex Systems. She is also editor of the journal Cultural

Anthropology. Fortun received her doctorate from the Department of Anthropology at Rice University in 1993.

She is based in Upstate New York.

Bridget Hanna is co-editor of the anthology The Bhopal Reader and is the creator of the Bhopal Memory Project. In addition Hanna has designed academic curriculum about Bhopal, led research and archive efforts, and been an active member in the International Campaign for Justice in Bhopal. A graduate of Bard College, Hanna is currently a doctoral candidate at Harvard University and lives in Cambridge, Massachusetts.Brian Mooney is currently an anthropology professor at New York University and was a former lawyer with Kelley, Dyre and Warren - Union Carbide's New York City law firm. Mr. Mooney decided to leave the law firm in 1989 and go to Bhopal. His dissertation, entitled The Bhopal Disaster: Discourse and Narrative in the Ethnography of an Event, is based on ethnographic field research in India during 1997-98 with the survivors of the gas disaster. It addresses problems in the legal anthropology of the litigation that followed the disaster.

Mooney is available to speak about his legal experiences with Kelley, Drye, and Warren as well ashisexperience in Bhopal and his research work. He is based in New York City.

Ward Morehouse is an author and human rights activist and is president of the Council on International and Public Affairs, a research, education, and advocacy group working on environmental and social justice issues. He is also Co-Director of the Program on Corporations, Law and Democracy and Chairman of the Intermediate Technology Development Group of North America.

Morehouse has written and edited some 20 books, including The Bhopal Tragedy  and Abuse of Power: TheSocial Performance of Multinational Corporations. He is co-founder of the International Campaign for Justice in Bhopal and Communities Concerned About Corporations. He is also a member of the regular panel of jurists for the Permanent People’s Tribunal headquartered in Rome.

A former academic, Morehouse taught Political Science at New York University and has been a Visiting Professor at the University of Lund in Sweden and the Administrative Staff College of India in Hyderabad. He has also been a consultant to various United Nations agencies, including UNESCO, UNIDO (United Nations Industrial Development Organization), UNCTAD (United Nations Conference on Trade and Development),andthe Center on Transnational Corporations. He is based in western Massachusetts.

Adriane Raff Corwin recently graduated from Bard College. She has spent many months in Bhopal archiving documents on the disaster as well as documenting current events. She has been the Manager of the Bhopal Memory Project since 2006 and frequently lectures on the Project.

Rajan Sharma is the Counsel for the Bhopal victims in their US lawsuit against Union Carbide. He specializes in international law and complex litigation. He became involved in the Bhopal gas victims' quest for justice even before he graduated from the Washington College of Law at American University, Washington, in 1996. Since then he has been compiling evidence for the case against the Union Carbide Corporation. As counsel for five organisations representing survivors and for seven individual victims, Sharma has argued before the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York, seeking damages for environmental contamination, medical monitoring, and the clean-up of the plant, which polluted sub-surface groundwater in more than a dozen adjacent communities in Old Bhopal. His work on the Bhopal case is the subject of a film documentary entitled Litigating Disaster by Ilan Ziv. In addition to his work as an international lawyer, Mr. Sharma is an author, political activist and one of the most provocative political and social commentators writing today. A seasoned lecturer, Mr. Sharma has been interviewed on radio and television frequently. He has appeared on BBC News World Report and Public Radio's Democracy Now! with Amy Goodman. Sharma is based in New York City.


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