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- (1996) Charter on Industrial Hazards and Human Rights
This charter was written in response to the Bhopal disaster as guidelines for the behavior of multinational corporations.
File: Charter.pdf

- (1994) Permanent People's Tribunal on Industrial Hazards and Human Rights
A detailed study of the sociopolitical constructs surrounding industrial hazards, including judgement and recommended measures for the international community.
File: PPTjudge.pdf

- (1994) People's Movements in Bhopal
This article by long-time activist in Bhopal traces the history and changes in movements responding to the Bhopal gas disaster - From Righting Corporate Wrongs, testimony presented to the Permanant People's Tribunal, London, Autumn 1994
File: people's movements - Sarangi.doc.pdf

- (1992) Findings and Judgement of the Permanant People's Tribunal on Bhopal
This is the record of the PPT's Bhopal tribunal, which is the closest thing that the Bhopal victims have had to a criminal trial or a truth commission.
File: PPTjudge.pdf




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