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These books cover a wide selection of topics ranging from the story of 'that night' to the histories of Union Carbide and Dow Chemical to explanations on the disaster's extensive legal history. Although some date back many years, many still hold valuable information.

Many of these books can be found at the Apex Press Bhopal Library.

If you have trouble finding a book, please email us at bhopal@bard.edu

- (2005) Ed. Hanna, B., Ward Morehouse and Satinath Sarangi. The Bhopal Reader.

A comprehensive collection of first hand documents which cover UCC's history in India, the Bhopal Disaster, its legal history, and the ongoing aftermath. Covering almost all aspects of the disaster with explanatory chapter introductions, The Bhopal Reader makes an excellent textbook.

Review Available: (2005) Baue, William. Review of The Bhopal Reader. (PDF File)

From www.socialfunds.com.

- (2005) Eckerman, Ingrid. The Bhopal Saga.
"The Bhopal Saga is an attempt to bring order from the chaos of events before, during, and after the methyl isocyanate (MIC) release. Not a scientific analysis, the book summarizes events leading up to the accident of December 1984 and the relief work in the ensuing two decades." - from the Environmental Health Perspectives Online

- (2004) Doyle, Jack. Trespass Against Us: Dow Chemical and the Toxic Century.
"From its "accident" at Bhopal by its Union Carbide company to Agent Orange, from Napalm to Plutonium, Dow Chemical has been at the center of many of the worst chemical disasters in history. In this explosive expose of the chemical giant, Jack Doyle reviews the legacy and the future of this gigantic chemical octopus. A comprehensive overview of the company's dirty deeds from dioxin to Greenwashing, Doyle provides an indispensable history with a grave warning for what's up next." - from Amazon.com review

- (2004) Chouhan, T.R. and Others. Bhopal: The Inside Story

Written by a man who worked in Bhopal at the plant, this testimonal book gives a good picture as to what the factory was like before the disaster occured.

- (2002) Lapierre, D. and Javier Moro. Five Past Midnight in Bhopal.
Compelling novelistic rendition of the Bhopal Disaster. Part of the book's profits go to Lapierre's City of Joy Foundation.

- (2002) Mukherjee, Suroopa. The Bhopal Gas Tragedy: A Book for the Young Reader.

Chennai, Tulika Publishers, Kaka@tulikabooks.com.
This book covers the environmental and health problems persisting in Bhopal, the history of pesticides, Union Carbide's and the Indian government's response to the tragedy, and the battle for justice for the Bhopal survivors.

- (2002) Rai, Raghu. Exposure.

Mumbai, Greenpeace.
A terrible and beautiful photography book of black and white images from the night and aftermath of the gas disaster.

- (2001) Fortun, Kim. Advocacy After Bhopal: Environmentalism, Disaster, New Global Orders.

Chicago, The University of Chicago Press.
This book gives an excellent history and analysis of the way that Bhopal has been situated in the shifting plains of global environmental advocacy.

- (2000) Larabee, Ann. The Bhopal Effect. Decade of Disaster. Chicago, Univerisy of Illinois Press.
Ann Larabee takes Bhopal as a "type" of new environmental disaster, in the context of several other types of disasters, such as Chernobyl.

- (1999) Rajan, S. R. Bhopal: Vulnerability, Routinization and the Chronic Disaster.

The Angry Earth: Disaster in Anthropological Perspective. A. O.-S. a. S. M. Hoffman. New York and London, Routledge.

- (1994) Jasanoff, S. Learning from Disaster: Risk Management After Bhopal (Law in Social Context).

University of Pennsylvania Press.

- (1994) Baxi, U. Valiant Victims and Lethal Litigation: The Bhopal Case.

Bombay, N.M. Tripathi.

- (1993) Cassells, J. The Uncertain Promise of Law: Lessons from Bhopal.

University of Toronto Press.
Traces the origins of the Bhopal tragedy and examines the legal aftermath and global implications.

Review Available: (1994) Cohen, Gary. Book Review of "The Uncertain Promise of Law: Lessons from Bhopal". (PDF File)

From the Stanford Environmental Law Journal

- (1990) Vivek, P. S. The Struggle of Man Against Power: Revelation of 1984 Bhopal Tragedy
Himalaya Pub. House; 1st ed.

- (1990) Dembo, D., Ward Morehouse and Lucinda Wykle. ABUSE OF POWER Social Performance of Multinational Corporations: The Case of Union Carbide 

Rebuttal Available: (1990) Union Carbide Press Release in response to the book.

- (1987) Shrivastava, P. Bhopal: Anatomy of a Crisis

Cambridge, MA, Ballinger Publishing Company.
A comprehensive treatment of the causes of the disaster.

- (1987) Weir, D. The Bhopal Syndrome: Pesticides, Environment and Health.

San Franscisco, Center for Investigative Reporting.

-  (1987) Kurzman, D. A Killing Wind: Inside Union Carbide and the Bhopal Catastrophe.

New York, McGraw-Hill Book company.

- (1987) Rajagopal, Arvind. "And the Poor Get Gassed" Multinational Aided Development and the State: The Case of Bhopal.
Berkeley Journal of Sociology, Vol. 32

- (1986) Baxi, U. & P. Thomas. Mass disasters and Multinational Liability: The Bhopal Case.

Bombay, N.M. Tripathi. 

- (1986) Baxi, U. Inconvenient Forum and Convenient Catastrophe: The Bhopal Case.

Bombay, N.M. Tripathi.
An excellent book by one of the most important Bhopal scholars.

 - (1986) Everest, Larry. Behind the Poison Cloud: Union Carbide's Bhopal Massacre.
Based on an on-the-scene investigation in Bhopal, India shortly after the gas disaster.

- (1986) Morehouse, Ward. The Bhopal Tragedy: What Really Happened, and What it Means for American Workes and Communities at Risk
Written shortly after the disaster, this book is an excellent resource for understanding the direct consequences and causes of the disaster.

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