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- (2005) Chakraborty, Rana. Killer in Slumber and Road to Recovery (Word Doc)

These two articles were published by the National Foundation for India.

- (2004) Amnesty International. Clouds of Injustice: Bhopal Disaster 20 Years On (PDF File)

- (2003) Bhopal.net Editors. The Bhopal Chronology of Events (PDF File)

(2003) Sarangi, Satinath. Crimes of Bhopal (Word Doc)

Also available online: http://www.samarmagazine.org/archive/article.php?id=133

- (1995) Das, V. Suffering, Legitmacy and Healing. (PDF File)
Critical events: An anthropological perspective on contemporary India. Delhi, Oxford University Press: 136-174.

This article will be available shortly.

- (1994) Basu, A. (Word Doc)
An update from the 10th anniversary.
This article will be available shortly.

(1988) Arthur D. Little Inc. Investigation of Large-Magnitude Incidents: Bhopal as a Case Study (PDF File)

This case study-report was commissioned by Union Carbide.

- (1987) Shrivastava, P. Bhopal: Anatomy of a Crisis (book)

Cambridge, MA, Ballinger Publishing Company.
A comprehensive treatment of the causes of the disaster.

- (1985) Bradford, G. We All Live in Bhopal (Word Doc)

This famous and influential article helped establish Bhopal as a global concern.

Also available online: http://www.eco-action.org/dt/bhopal.html

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