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The images of the years that have followed the gas disaster have increasingly become those of protest - in Bhopal, and internationally.  They also depict the strength of the women of Bhopal - who often outnumber the men involved in fighting for justice. 

from the Permanant People's Tribunal, convened in Bhopal in 1992

anniversary protests against Union Carbide often include representations of corporate official in effigy.

this memorial, designedand built by Ruth Waterman, sits outside the abandoned factory.

this 2002 image depicts a protest with Greenpeace in Bhopal

on the 17th anniversary protestors called attention to the continuing medical disaster in Bhopal

Bhopal women carried brooms to sweep away the corruption and violence of the corporation

Maude Dorr's evocative collages here show the different faces of protestin Bhopal today

Rashida Bi , winner of the 2004 Goldman Prize for the environment, at a protest against Dow Chemical.  Photo by Prakash Hatvalne.

Rashida Bi and Satinath Sarangi on hunger strike in Delhi to force the government to consent to a clean-up of the contaminated factory site.

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