20 years
The Bhopal Memory Project

resources | reports, documents, articles


the disaster and its aftermath

The hows and whys of the disaster, its aftermath, and its implications - spanning from 1985 to the present

plant history and safety

Highlighting the condition of the factory before and after the disaster

the ongoing contamination

Studies on the ongoing chemical contamination seeping from the factory grounds


Studies on the health effects of the disaster and contamination, treatment plans, and documents highlighting medical politics in Bhopal


campaign history


Documenting the many legal cases in both Indian and United States courts, spanning more than fifteen years


Documentation of the ongoing struggle for compensation to the survivors and its fair disbursement


Statements from the United States Congress, the EU, and other legislative bodies regarding the Bhopal tragedy; as well as legislation stemming from the disaster


union carbide

The Company's response to the disaster, Warren Anderson's extradition, and Internal Documents regarding Bhopal

dow chemical

Statements about Bhopal and their unassumed liability, as well as articles on the company


activism and bhopal

Highlighting more than two decades of activism for Bhopal

permanent people’s tribunal

Judgement from the 1992 Tribunal for Bhopal as well as the 1994 Charter on Industrial Hazards and Human Rights

corporate accountability and human rights

Articles and reports on Bhopal's implications in a larger call for corporate accountability

other bhopals

Highlighting other Bhopals around the world




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